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Basic Fist Formation For Kung Fu

How To Perform This Longfist Technique
This long-range leg-attack comprising two front kicks delivered by the same leg to the pubic regions, in quick succession is considered one of the ‘Jueming’ or ‘Fatal’ leg-attack techniques. ‘Fatal’ used thus doesn’t mean ‘killer’ or ‘death-dealing’ but destined (fated) to succeed’! However, its other name ‘The Private-Parts Leg-Attack’ suggests it should be taken very seriously indeed together with recommendations that it is only used in dire real-life emergencies. Such kicks are banned from competitions (although higher versions to the mid-section are fine) and care must be taken in practice not to injure training partners. In Animal Kung Fu terms, long-range lunging strikes and vital-points strikes are often attributed to the Snake! Continue reading

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MMA Fighters

In order to become an effective and world renowned MMA fighter you need to have dedication, drive, an incredible level of personal fitness, your art refined to an extent to where it becomes second nature and a desire to become the best. Those listed below have achieved this and are as such quite rightly renowned as being the best in the world. Continue reading

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Martial Arts Responsible for Decline of America!

That Martial Arts are the cause of America’s woes is obvious. The lack of martial art training results in a lack of personal discipline, a lack of self worth, and the decline of the individual. This, correspondingly, results in the decline of America. Continue reading

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6 UFC Betting Tips On Picking The Winner Of A UFC Fight:

The UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championships, is a mixed martial arts organization that has been running for almost 20 years now. The dominance of the organization can be attributed to the display of the unification of martial arts. As the fastest growing sport in the world, the UFC has crushed the WWE in popularity and is slowly and steadily cutting into Boxing’s pie. Revenue generated by UFC betting follows this trend and its luring in more punters every single day.In the UFC, to consistently predict the winner of a fight can be an extremely difficult task without the right knowledge. This is because of the loose martial arts structure of the sport, bringing about complex variations of fighting techniques. Moreover, fighters can occasionally change fighting camps that evoke changes in their fighting style. Continue reading

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Why You Must Study Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

You might think that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not that distinctive from several other martial arts however this isn’t true. While some other styles teach you to fight effectively whilst you’re standing up, this one will help you be able to subdue an opponent when you’re on the ground. Continue reading

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Looking for The Chi Life

In terms of martial arts, fighting techniques website is one online site catering to potential athletes and then any interested citizen searching for a boost in sports and physical eduction and physical health. Armed with their purports to catering martial arts and skills such as tai chi and kung fu, this athletic-related online service site serves its purpose to improved health, physical skill, and so much more. Continue reading

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Learn Martial Arts by Flipping the Grid

There are many methods one can use to learn martial arts, to learn Kung Fu or Karate, or to learn any martial art. Unfortunately, most of these methods have limited workability. There is one method, however, that can be used in any art, and improves the learning curve drastically. Continue reading

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The Seven Wisest Tips For Knife Combat That You Need To Keep In Mind

There really is no such thing as knife “fighting”, if you’re thinking about “fighting” in the same way as Hollywood or even popular martial artists describe fighting. That’s not reality but pure fiction. Continue reading

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Learning To Feel Confident And Strong For Life Through Boxing Classes

Fans discuss team sports with passion, dissecting the coordination, speed and approach to each game for keys to success. But when it comes to one on one contests, the only discussion seems to be who is bigger or stronger, as if these contests require only brawn. Those who enroll in boxing classes learn there is so much more to this activity than just throwing punches. Continue reading

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The Very Dangerous Kali Sword and Dagger Technique

One of the most impressive and, one could say, beautiful, techniques in the Filipino Martial Art of escrima must be the Espada Y Daga. Espada Y Daga comes from the Spanish phrase “sword and dagger”, and as the name implies, is performed with two weapons. Usually the longer weapon (which can sometimes be replaced with a stick) makes the first move followed by the shorter and quicker knife weapon. This is inherently a close range combat technique, where the weaker and farther knife hand can already stab the opponent. Continue reading

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